2.1 Through family
Aldeburgh beach
The first phase of research into my ancestors was completed in 2000. It was entitled 'Meeting Places' and summarised the results obtained up to that date mainly with respect to the Kemps, Reads and Bellamys.
It is available for download here as an pdf file prepared with the Acrobat compiler.
All of the supplements to Meeting Places are available for download as Acrobat pdf files. You will require an Acrobat Reader to access them. Each book is several hundred pages long and the size varies between 3.5-6 mb. Opening the files with a broadband connection takes only a few minutes, but access times are greatly increased if you usr an ordinary phone connection.
In 2003, as the result of further research a supplement entitled 'A Small Dimension' was created. It is an Acrobat document that deals with the Kemps that migrated from their villages on the edge of Suffolk's clay plateau to the coastlands.
In 2004 I produced a sketch of the descendants of Norman de Campo, a Saxon thane and Domesday sheriff of Suffolk. He founded the Kemp clan who for two millennia have moved around a few villages on the coastal edge of the Suffolk clay plateau.
In 2005, another supplement, 'Seeds in Lines', concentrated on the outcomes of the marriage of Hannah Kemp (born 1758) to James Smyth of Sweffling and Peasenhall. James invented the Suffolk horse-  drawn seed drill, and the couple founded a commercial dynasty that, for two centuries, made the village of Peasenhall world- famous this feat of agricultural engineering.